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How to Verify and Redeem

Email Verification

We’ve been keeping your Deli Dollars safely stored and tracking your new earnings. To ensure your Deli Dollars balance is credited to the correct account, you’ll first need to verify the email address associated with your account. Once verified, your balance will automatically show up in your account for future orders.

  1. Choose your location at - or if you already have your preferred location bookmarked, you can go straight to that page.

  2. Click the Profile symbol in the top right corner and log in to your account.

  3. Click the Profile symbol again and select “Account Settings.”

  4. From there, select the Deli Dollars option.

  5. To begin the verification process, click the “Send Verification Email” button.

  6. Check the email associated with your account and open the email with “Verify” in the subject line.

  7. We recommend you copy the Code provided in the email then paste it in the “Code*” entry field and click “Verify.”

  8. Your account will be instantly verified and any Deli Dollars you have earned will be visible for use during checkout.

Account Balance and Transaction History

Once your account is verified, you’ll be able to check your Deli Dollar balance under that same menu option: Account Settings -> Deli Dollars.

Note: Pending points will not appear in your balance until they are processed.

Scroll down beneath your balance to view your Transaction History moving forward, with details on orders where you earned and/or redeemed Deli Dollars. Note: Only transactions made after email verification will be visible.

Redeeming Deli Dollars

  1. When you’re ready to place your order, proceed to checkout.

  2. On the payment options, you’ll have the option of applying Deli Dollars toward your order.

  3. The Deli Dollar points (and equivalent dollar value) will auto-populate:

    • If the balance due is LESS than the amount of Deli Dollars available, it will auto-populate to the amount needed to cover the whole order.
    • If the balance due is MORE than the amount of Deli Dollars on their account, it will auto-populate all Deli Dollars available.
  4. The amount of Deli Dollars can be changed by either entering the number in the entry field or by using the up/down arrows that will display when you hover over the entry field.

  5. Once the desired amount of Deli Dollars is entered, select the “Apply” button to deduct the amount from the order.

  6. After they have been successfully applied, the Deli Dollars quantity will be grayed out and the “Apply” button will change to “Remove.”

  1. If the amount being redeemed does not cover the full total of the order, you will receive a message stating the balance due.

  2. The Deli Dollar redemption amount will display as “Discount” on the Order Summary page.

  3. If during checkout, after already applying Deli Dollars, the order is edited (e.g. more items added or removed), the Deli Dollars previously applied will be automatically removed and a message will appear. You will need to reapply Deli Dollars if you still wish to redeem them on the order.