Too many families have been affected by cancer.
Including ours at Jason’s Deli.
As of August 2016 we have raised: $668,000.00 for cancer research!

Why we got involved:
Through 2016, we have partnered with MD Anderson Cancer Center to aid them in their goal to eliminate mortality rates for 8 types of Cancer by 2024.

Jason’s Deli has partnered with MD Anderson Cancer Center to draw a line through cancer. And on Saturday, January 18, we joined them at an event to draw a physical line through cancer in a public art installation.

My name is Suzel Roth (photographer)
and this is my story.

I met Monique Cohen when both our children were in the 2nd grade together. She has a sassy little girl whom I adored and I knew immediately Monique was her mom because they looked exactly alike; both of them have their signature shoulder-length curly dark hair. I was surprised one day to see that Monique’s long curls were gone and she was sporting a pretty hip and short pixie cut. She looked great and I told her I loved her new look. To my surprise she responded: “Thank you husband likes it also and I even told him it took me having cancer for him to like my hair short.”

I wanted to hug her and tell her how sorry I was to hear the news but thought she probably assumed I already knew and I didn’t want her to go through the process of explaining everything to me all over again…she is such a positive and fun person and we were having a laugh at that moment.

My concern was how to bring her some joy while she was going through Chemo besides making her my humble casserole. So, taking a chance and feeling a little hesitant about how she’d respond, I sent her an e-mail and asked if she’d like me to do her family portraits. To my surprise and delight she liked the idea and so we started planning her photo shoot. We talked about my vision for the shoot; black and white with “breast cancer pink” bandanas in color, wardrobe suggestions, etc. The rest is history. We got beautiful pictures of a pretty cool family! She was happy.

Months later Jason’s Deli asked me to be part of this project. They had seen my portraits of Monique’s family and wanted to incorporate my photos into their joint campaign with MD Anderson Cancer Center. I couldn’t be happier to be involved with such an awesome cause and in the short time I have come to know more about Jason’s Deli and their company’s core values, the more honored I am to be a part of the Jason’s team! My beautiful friend Monique is a very special person. I fell in love with her sassy little girl and now love her entire family. She is a true inspiration to me and to anyone who knows her, as are all the other families I’ve had the privilege of photographing for this worthy effort.