Deli Blog

All Hail the Greatest Sandwiches

For years, you, our raving fans, have enjoyed the incredible variety we offer to you and your families. While we sell absolutely staggering amounts of what I consider to be the best Salad Bar in the industry, we are a deli. Delis - whether they be Kosher, Italian, Eastern European, Hybrids like one of my favorites: Zingerman’s, Grocery Stores, etc. - all have a few things in common, freshly sliced meats and sandwiches.

The Secret of Jason’s Deli. Don’t Tell Anyone

I love seeing the faces of the people with whom I am conversing when I tell them that I have, indeed, worked at Jason’s Deli for 22 years. Most people are in utter disbelief because, in this age of looking for greener grass, tech-heavy opportunities in my hometown of Austin or the allure of cashing out early after the sale of a startup, the average tenure at a private company seems to be about 3 years. Personally, I am not driven by any of those things. I want to wake up every morning and make a difference.